Creative Logos With Hidden Symbols

Companies use logos as a medium for branding to earn recognition . Here are some logos which take it to the next step by implementing subliminal symbols and messages in their logo designs :

7) Goodwill Industries :

Goodwill industries is a North American nonprofit organization which aids people with disadvantages . At first glance their logo looks like a face with a smile , but with a closer look you will notice the lower case 'g' in their logo .

6) Sun Microsystems :

Ok . May be its just me , but I didn't notice the diamond shaped logo at the right actually had the alphabets S-U-N in it until recently . Talk about symmetry . Now that's creative.

5) FedEx :

The hidden symbol in this logo is known to many . Just in case you haven't seen it , there is a hidden white arrow between the orange alphabets "E" and "x".

4) Yoga Australia :
I love this one . The illustration of the Australian map in between her bent leg and stretched out arm is perfectly subtle . It would have been cooler though if the map was made on the lower part of her body posture ... as Australia is refereed to as the land "Down under" .

3) Toblerone :

Toberone originated from Bern , a city in Switzerland that is rumored to mean as “The City of bears” . Now do you see the yellow bear in the logo of Toberone's Swiss Alps ? Pretty sneaky eh ? Its nice to see a little known fun fact being hidden in such a popular logo .

2) : is a perfect example of powerful yet simple logo . The yellow arrow that points out from "a" to "z" neatly represents that they sell everything from A to Z . The subtle smile of the arrow's curve is an added bonus reflecting customer satisfaction .

1) Cluenatic :

This logo is designed for a puzzle game that involves unraveling four clues . Hence the letters C-L-U-E are arranged to give a maze like appearance . Another cool part of this logo design is that it looks like a key when viewed from a distance . Now that's what I call sheer brilliance .
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