Angry Birds Golden Egg Locations - All 27 Golden Eggs

Angry birds golden eggs location
Currently there are 27 golden eggs (technically 26 golden eggs and 1 golden football) available to be unlocked in angry birds (UPDATED: as of June 2012). Use the following guide below to walkthrough guide find all angry birds golden eggs location : 

Note: This walkthrough guide works for iPhone, iPod Touch (iOS), Android, PS3, PSP, PC, Facebook & Mac. You may use this guide to unlock the golden eggs irrespective of the platform you are on.

1) The 1st angry birds golden egg location is quite easy. While playing any level press the pause button (top left hand corner) and choose the "?" help option (bottom left) in the menu. Keep pressing the "Tick button", you will find the golden egg in the 4th frame which illustrate how to use the white bird. Touch the golden egg to unlock it.

2) To find the second angry birds golden egg simply go to the main menu (where the play button is available. The click on the setting button (left bottom corner) and click on the "i" credits button. Scroll down and touch the golden egg to unlock the bonus level.

3) For the third angry birds golden eggs location, just go to the episode select screen tap on the sun (bottom centre) to unlock the golden egg. 

4) The fourth angry birds golden location is fairly easy too, Go to the "Mighty Hoax" -> level 5-19 : the egg is located on the right side off the screen. Simply Zoom out till you see the egg and use the yellow bird to touch the egg.

5) This one is quite straight forward. Go to the "Poached Eggs" -> level 2-2: just destroy the beach ball to unlock the bonus golden egg level.

6) Ok, I got to admit this one is hard. You have to get 3 stars in all levels of "Poached Eggs" to unlock this egg. It has no special location, just get 3 stars in all the levels.

7) Another super easy angry birds golden egg location. Simply go to "Poached Eggs" level 1-8 and tap the treasure chest in the bottom a couple of times. That's it.

8) Another toughie Obtain 3 stars in all levels of "Mighty Hoax" to unlock the golden egg.

9) Go to "Mighty Hoax" -> level 4-7: zoom out and egg will be on top of cliff (right hand side). Use the yellow bird to unlock the golden egg.

10) Go to "Danger Above" -> level 6-14: the yellow ballon contains the golden egg. Use the green boomerang bird to easily retrieve the golden egg.

11) Go "Danger Above" Level Selection Screen and drag the 8th page to the far right to unlock the golden egg. This one is a bit tricky make sure you drag it as much as you can to reveal the egg.

12) You knew this was coming, get 3 stars on all levels of "Danger Above" to unlock the 11th golden egg.

13) Choose the "Danger Above" -> level 8-15: you will find the egg under the slingshot. This one is a bit tricky compared to all the other "Angry birds golden eggs locations", use the green boomerang bird to retrieve the egg.

14) Go to the "Big Setup" -> level 9-14: Zoom out and you shall see the golden egg wearing a hat. Use a bird to smash it and unlock the bonus level.

15) In the "Big Setup" -> level 10-3: use a bird to smash the duck beneath the bridge to get the golden egg.

16) In the "Big Setup level" -> 11-15: If you zoom out to see the whole level it is on the left below the slingshot. Hit it with the boomerangbird.

17) I found this to be extremely hard, get 3 stars in all levels of "The Big Setup" to get the egg.

18) In the "Ham ‘Em High" -> level 12-12: Destroy the trophy in the middle to unlock the egg. This one will take a couple of tries as it is quite hard.

19) In the "Ham ‘Em High level" -> 13-10: First zoom out till you see the egg and launch a white bird tap the screen at the right time to launch him up in the air to hit the egg. Again this will take a couple of tries to master.

20) The final famous "Super Bowl / Rio" angry birds golden egg location which was discretely featured in the angry birds animated movie trailer at the super bowl is quite tricky go to "Ham ‘Em High" -> level 13-12: Zoom out and shoot a White bird backwards and make it drop the egg bomb on the protruding step of the hill. Make sure the egg hits the step to unlock the level.

21) In "Ham ‘Em High level 14-4" Zoom out and you will notice the golden egg perched above the cliff. Launch a yellow bird and tap him at the right time to get the egg - this requires some practice but not that difficult.

22) Get 3 stars in all the levels in "Ham ‘Em High" and the 3 facebook bonus levels to unlock the 22nd golden egg.

23) Level "Mine And Dine level 15-12" Zoom out and use the yellow bird to break the golden egg on top.

24) "Mine And Dine level 16-9" Zoom out and and see the Golden Egg sitting on top of the cave on the right. Use a yellow bird to take out the stone structure above the slingshot.

25) Complete and get 3 stars in all Mine and Dine levels.

26) "Mine And Dine level 17-12" Zoom out and see treasure chest on top at the center of the screen. Launch birds at high trajectories to hit the treasure chest that will unlock the 26th golden egg.

27) "Birthday Party level 18-6" There is a golden egg in a shelf on the top right. Use the yellow bird and aim high up to unlock it.

This page has been last updated on 14th June 2012.
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