Amazing Breaker Hints, Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Amazing Breaker truly is an amazing strategy game available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (Amazing Breaker HD) where you have to break ice sculptures using bombs in typical physics based aim and shoot gameplay (like angry birds). I just completed all 80 levels with 3 stars. So, Here are some tips and tricks to help you with this fun addiction:

1) Always get the bonus bombs before they disappear. If you have to make a choice between getting one of two bonus bombs always choose the Purple Helicopter bomb.

2) Purple Helicopter Bomb > Blue Ghost Bomb > Green Split Bomb > Red Spike Bomb. Many a times the green split bomb is more valuable than the blue ghost bomb especially if you have more than one bomb left in your arsenal.

3) Try to split the green split bombs as wide as it can be chained for maximum impact.

4) Chain purple helicopter bombs with green split bombs for an amazing kill blast.

5) Remember you don't have to have a chain blast every time with a purple helicopter bomb. Release the bomb jewels (in a chain) early on and let the empty helicopter capsule bomb another place. This way you can have more impact. ie. You can use your purple bomb as a dual impact green split bomb + red spike bomb. Kill two birds with one stone.

6) Try to place the bombs in the center. It super annoying when small ice fragments ruin your whole shot.

7) Remember bombs can bounce on the side panels and top panel. Use this to your advantage.

8) Blue ghost bombs can be controlled slightly in any direction (including up and down).

9) Ok I just found about this now, there is a switch button on the left hand bottom corner of the screen that allows you to switch a current bomb with the one next in queue.

Thats all the tips, tricks, hints and strategies I can think of for now. Do let me know in the comments if you have any of your own. And let the impatient wait for new bombs and levels begin.
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