Tiny Wings Cheats And Tips

Tiny Wings is an amazing iOS exclusive game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (retina pad recommended). I  have completed all the achievements and received the x30 nest multiplier. The following are a list of cheats, hind and tips to master the game.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks:

1) Master the slide. You need to get perfect slides in order to finish the objectives. This is a basic but often overlooked tip. Try to get the timing perfect.

2) Try to say as much as you can in fever mode. This is especially important for you to reach the 9th (x30 objective) and peek into the 10th level.

3) There is a small glitch to complete the 34secs in fever mode objective. Simply have some one call you when you are in fever mode and ta da ... achievement unlocked. Goes without saying this is an iphone only trick.

4) This is a small but ingenious trick for those of you struggling with the upside down objective where you have to turn the iOS device upside down and reach the 5th island. Simply turn the device upside down and slowly and carefully make the device as horizontal as possible (leave a slight tilt).This makes the objective absolutely easy to complete.

5) Flying through the 4th island in fever mode is the toughest objective in my opinion. The hills in tiny wings are randomly generated ever few hours. So memorize those placements in order to get fever mode. Kill the app and wait a couple of hours for the hill to regenerate if the level is too complex for you.

6) Tiny wings is much easier to play on iPad than the iPhone or iPod touch. So if you have an iPad try it out on it.

Go to cydia and search for "Tiny Wings Hack". Goes without saying this is for Jailbroken devices only.

The rest of the objectives are quite straight forward. Search for walkthroughs in case you get stuck in any level. Good luck and happy gaming.
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