How Long To Complete A Video Game

Have you wondered how long does it take to complete skyrim, mass effect 3, Grand theft auto or even Angry Birds ? Are you confused if you can complete a game in one long sitting or would need to spend an eternity on it ? Worry no more there is a site that does just that. is a site that aggregates gameplay time required to complete the video game of you choosing. Just so you know you can complete it over the weekend, or allot appropriate time to finish it. There is nothing more annoying then getting into a game and realizing you can't finish it in the days to come.

The site is nice enough to break down time to console type, completion type (as in speed run, completionist, main story only) and other sections based on you game. So before you sit down to play a game check with HowLongToBeat just so you know you can complete your game in your due free time.
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