How to make a 3d model with pictures

How to make a 3d model with pictures
3d object made from pictures.
Autodesk, one of the leading software design companies has created this amazing app and software (as in for Mac and PC) that allows you to convert pictures seamlessly into 3d objects. You can even make those pictures into a proper matrix style 180° (up to a near 360°) 3d object !

All you need is a still object / subject, a smartphone (iPhone and Android should do fine) or upload pictures from your camera directly. Autodesk then submits the the pictures to its cloud computing service which stitches them into 3d objects. It does a pretty good job of it, provided you have enough photos with multiple angles. Check out this 123d catch along with many other 3d tools for free here:

The cool thing is Autodesk provides you with multiple tools that allow you to edit, tweak and print 3d objects into a physical form. Makes me wonder what these pioneering companies have in store for the future.
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