How to increase dropbox storage for free

Dropbox offers upto 2 GB of cloud storage for free. You can however increase it to 18+ GB for free quite easily. See the instructions in the guide below :

How to increase dropbox storage for free:

1) iOS / iPhoto Method:

How to increase dropbox storage for free
18GB free dropbox storage
Dropbox offers 3GB free storage if you sync you iOS iPhoto pictures with its cloud storage. Select this option and get the 3GB permanent upgrade after which you may chose to disable this service.

2) Referrals:

Dropbox offers you 500 MB for each new referral you bring in (capped to 18GB). Invite your friends and signup via your referral  and signup via your alternate email id's to expand your space. If you are lazy you can pay the guys at to expand your space to 18GB permanently for just $5. Consider this as it saves a lot of time. .edu referrals get double the bonus.

3) DropQuest Contest:

 Dropbox annualy hosts its dropquest contest where users have to solve puzzles to get free space. You get the space upgrade even if you are capped to 18GB. i.e. Even if you have 18GB you get + 1 GB (or more) added to your account for free permanently ! If you are lazy like me, just search for dropquest guides which help you finish the puzzles in record time sans the thinking. Check out the official dropbox blog for contest details.

If you know any other cool methods leave it in the comments below.
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