5 Best iPad Accessories

Best Apple iPad Accesories
Best Apple iPad Accessories
The iPad has come a long way from just being an overgrown iPod Touch. There are tons of accessories out there ranging from stylized fashion accessories to productivity ones. Here is a list of the 5 Best Must Have Apple iPad Accessories :

1) iPad Skin / Sleeve / Cover :

The iPad is expensive and not built like a trusty indestructible Nokia phone. So a skin / sleeve / cover is an essentialy accessory to own. There are hundreds of skins and covers out there with no clear winner to choose from. Here are a broad range of categories you should pick from :

a) The Stylish / Minimal Skins, Sleeves and Covers: These range from cheap silicon skins which you can pick up from ebay to Apples smart cover or those stylized covers and sleeves you get on etsy. This type of covers are best for casual users who need basic protection from dust, scratches and minor falls. They make excellent fashion statements too.

b) The Productive Cases : These cases, covers or sleeves come with productive functions like solar panels, built in keyboards, Macbook air like clone cases, built in battery cases etc. This category of cases provide excellent productive tools but at the cost of adding weight. If you really need an iPad keyboard or extra battery power or other specialized cases go in for this option.

c) The Extreme Case: Need a gold plated jewel covered case ? Or a nearly indestructible G-form case ($60 only) ? What about an underwater iPad seal which will help you use your iPad with spongebob ? These extreme cases usually come at a price and are quite a niche. If you need to hardcore cover or want to make a big statement look out for these niche iPad cases.

2) Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK):

Apple camera connection kit is an excellent accesory that lets you copy pictures from your SD card or Camera (via USB) to your iPad so you can view them on your Retina display, edit them via iPhoto or simply choose the photos you want to keep and delete the rest. This is an useful option for travelers and photographers who want to travel light, back up photos on their iPad and save / edit their pictures with it, instead of carrying a bulky laptop. I bought a cheap Chinese version of CCK for $10 which works great with my SD cards and cameras. Some of them even support low powered pendrives and USB periphrals (like usb keyboards). I highly recommend you buy this accessory. You can buy the official one from Apple right here.

3) Stylus :

Do you paint, draw, take notes or want to use your iPad while wearing gloves ? Then a stylus is an excellent addtion to your iPad. There is a wide range of styluses out there ranging from ones specifically for painting, note taking, pressure sensitive styluses, 2 in 1 styluses etc. I recommend getting the AluPen for casual use. They come in handy during the winter, while taking handwritten notes, while playing games like Draw something or simply to navigate the iPad without getting your screen all messy. Regardless of what Steve Jobs had to say, there have been times where styluses do things better than what my finger can. The Verge wrote an excellent article to help you choose the best Apple iPad stylus for your needs.

4) Apple TV Or A Wired HDMI Connector :

With the impending launch of OSX Mountain Lion, the Apple TV is going to get a lot more useful for gaming and running Apps on a big screen. As many of you know apps like Buzz player, Good player and Azul help you play any video format on the iPad without video conversions. With these apps you can stream movies, music and display or mirror app /game outputs to your TV or Projector with your iPad. There are tons of Video / Tv apps, games, productivy apps out there that can utilize this feature and display in full high definition. You can opt for a wired hdmi connector if you wish to use it on your external display without additional external power for your Apple TV. An Apple Tv / HDMI port will come in handy in case you want to use them to make a presentation on your hdmi supported projectors or displays and where Wifi isn't available (Since Apple Tv cannot connect via Ad-hoc).

5) AirPlay speakers:

With apps like TuneIn, Pandora, Garage band, Music studio and the html5 version of Grooveshark, the iPad is an excellent music hub for listening and creating music. And with Airplay speakers and docks like Sonos, Bose, Senheisser etc you can stream music to these speakers on your iPad in the background, while running other games, browsing or simply using other apps. This accessory though pricey is a must buy for music lovers.

ProTip: You can also connect you Apple tv to your non-Airplay supported speakers if you want to stream your music without buying dedicated Airplay speaker systems.
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