Create Disposable Web Pages

Disposable sites are convenient as they help you share rich text, images and media without the hassle of signing up or registering for a service. Here are two disposable webpage services that I use on a regular basis :

1) Dinkypage:

Dinkypage helps you create feature rich webpages with a simple word-document like wysiwyg editor. It even has a custom html editor and gives you the option to embed social bookmarks and reader comments. This is by far the best disposable page creator out there, it offers its service for free with no advertising. Dinkypages is excellent for sharing information and getting quick feedback. It gives you a unique deletion url that removes the page once you are done.

2)  DisposableWebPage

DisposableWebPage helps you create a wikipedia like webpage that self destructs in 90 days or a custom time frame set by you. DisposableWebPage is good when you want people to collaborate and edit information similar to the options provided by Wikipedia. You may also use it as a platform for sharing your information sans reader edit functions. They also provide a unique url that will delete your page if you want to destroy it before the self destructing time frame.
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