iOS 6 Features And Release Date

Apple's iOS 6 which featured today is all set to launch this Fall (August - September) meaning its launch will likely collide with the launch of the iPhone 5. Here is a quick look at its features :

iOS 6Features :

iOS 6 Features Summary Release Date
iOS 6 Features Summary

1) Siri:

- Coming to the iPad.
- Can launch apps.
- Can tweet.
- Siri Integrated with Rotten tomatoes, Yelp and Open table for reservations.
- Eye free car (button) integration on Honda, Toyota, BMW, Audi etc.
- Displays smart data for Sports.

2) 3D Open Maps :

Out with Google maps apple now offers a 3d view with open maps with amazing turn by turn navigation and flyover view.

3) Deep integration with facebook. Shared iCloud photostreams.

4) Facetime over 3G / 4G Network

5) Passbook : A virtual wallet for tickets, cards and coupons.

6) Safari now with a unibar and better sync, app banner and offline features.

7) Do not disturb notification mode and VIP mail labeling. 

OS Support from iPhone 3GS (and newer),  Second gen iPads (and newer) and iPod Touch 4.
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