Measure Heart Rate With iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices.

Ever wanted to know how fast your heart was beating ? Believe it or not, you can actually use your iPod Touch, iPad or Phone (Android and iPhone) to measure your Heart Rate With an accuracy as good as a pulse check. With Cardiography you can accurately measure your beats per minute (BPM).  Cardiograph by MacroPinch is an impressively accurate personal heart rate meter app with a bunch of features built in.

This app is currently free on the Google Play and iOS app store so I gave it a go. All I had to do was place my finger on my iPad's front camera and with decent amount of light (Sunlight in my case) it measured my resting heart rate as 68 BPM. A normal resting heart rate is around 60-80 BPM. To test this app further I did some light exercise and remeasured my heart rate, the app showed a significant increase to 108 BPM.
Measure Heart Rate with Phone iPod Tablet Cardiograph app
68 BPM Measure with Cardiography for the Apple iPad.
Cardiograph features multiple user profiles and boasts features such tracking the location of your measurements, iCloud sync and as well as providing you with an option to add notes to each of your heart rate measurements

Note: Do note however even though the app is accurate, it is not actually a medical equipment.

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