Temple Run: Brave Cheats, Tips and Tricks.

Temple Run: Brave is a film adaptation of the Disney Pixar movie Brave with temple run gameplay. The game features Merida running away from a monster bear as a 3D endless runner, in the aesthetically pleasing world of Scotland. The game is re-skinned version of the original Temple Run apart from adding a bonus target practice archery as a mini game section. Here are Cheats, Tips and Tricks for the following game :

1) Slow Down Running Speed:

You can purposely trip yourself on the small tree roots to slow down yourself down. You can do this once every ~30 seconds. Don't trip yourself more than once at a time, the monster bear will catch up to you and end your game.

2) Never Miss Targets:

Catch your device with both your hands and place both your thumbs elevated above the sides of the screen. When targets appear on the left or right you can now quickly use the corresponding thumb to hit the target and receive bonuses.

Temple Run Cheats, Tips and Tricks

3) Smart Upgrades:: 

This tip depends on where you skill level lies. If you can last long choose the "Double value coins after 1500m" upgrade. With my never miss a target tip the "Increase coin reward" should be a huge bonus. If you are poor at maneuvering to collect coins upgrade the "Coin magnet powerup" as soon as you can. In short have a strategy to get the most amount of coins while playing a run.

4) Follow Objectives: 

It shocks me how often people fail to realize their is an objective for both Temple Run and Temple Run: Brave. The objective flashes on the screen each time you start a run. Alternatively you may pause the game to read the objective. Objective unlocks bonuses, multipliers and are essential for a good score.

5) Smart Resurrection:

When you proceed to further parts of the stage where it gets challenging use the resurrection power up to continue to run after you die. Once you are familiar enough to run 6digit distances, this power up will come in handy and will pay for itself in each run.

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