Blower : Blow out candles with your iPhone

I love quirky apps. The joy of getting something silly that actually works is quite possibly the best thing about the iOS App store. There are apps like sleep recorder, iFart, weighting scale etc. But the best among all these apps has to be Blower app by Qneo.

The app literally makes your iPhone or iPad blow out air that can extinguish candles or blow away paper or tiny bits of things. Turn your volume  all the way up and their app produces sound waves that spit out air and blows away things. Check out the video demonstration below:

I have tested this out on my iPad 2 and works. Some people claim it doesn't work on their iPad 1. This does not work on the iPod touch. At $0.99 this app makes an excellent conversation piece and is worthy of its novelty. Check it out on the appstore.
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