Increase Battery Life On A Canon T4i 650D

I just got my Canon Rebel T4i 650D and the camera packs a powerful punch for its price. However the battery life is less than satisfactory. Here are some tips and tricks on how to help you dramatically increase the battery life of your camera.

Taken With Canon T4i Rebel 650D  Using Canon EF f/1.8 II lens
Taken With Canon T4i Rebel 650D  Using Canon EF f/1.8 II lens

1) Turn Off The LCD Touch Control :

Click on menu, scroll to the 3rd last option (the 2nd last wrench from the star). And choose Touch control disable. This increased my battery life by more than 15-20%

2) Turn Off Auto Focus:

If you can do with manual focus then why waste battery on Autofocus ? The lens motors use up a lot of battery during auto focus so manually disable it from the lens you are using ie. switch the dial from AF to MF on the lens. Same goes for Image stabilization if you can avoid it.

3) Use Optical View Finder Instead Of LCD View:

No brainer here. This tip is for those point and shoot upgraders out there who use the LCD instead of the view finder.

4) Use A Prime Lens Instead Of Flash:

Flash consumes a lot of battery so using a prime lens even a cheap Canon EF f/1.8 II lens should increase your battery life.

5) Set Your System For Economy Use:

Reduce the LCD brightness, update to the latest firmware, quicker auto power off, disable sensor cleaning etc.

6) Buy A Spare Battery:

If you really need more power, buy a spare canon camera battery. Some of us do need the power sucking options after all.

You have any further tips, please so share them in the comments below.
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