Create Multiple Email Alias On

Create Multiple Alias ID
Create Multiple Email Alias IDs On
Microsoft has made a stellar come back by launching their revamped email service I personally find it much better than gmail. Its so much lighter, clutter-free and with much better social interrogation. It even gives you the option to create multiple alias email ids in seconds. Here is how :

1) Just go here.

2) Choose your new alias or domain.

3) Next check where you want the new mails coming from the email alias to go. I prefer a new folder, you may also choose the inbox. That's it. You are allowed 5 email alias (which is quite fair).

Note: To manage, edit or delete your current alias go here

The new outlook has unlimited storage with a much the best email interface there is. I strongly suggest you give it a go. And yes I am surprised I am saying that about a microsoft product !
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