Fieldrunners 2 Tips, Tricks and Hints

Fieldrunners 2 is a easily the best tower defense strategy game out there and lives up as a worthy sequel to its predecessor on iOS, PC, PSP, Blackberry and Android. Here are some tips, tricks and hints to guide you along:

Fieldrunners 2 Strategy guide to get to 1250 rounds.
Round 1250 On Fieldrunners 2

1) Be Economical:

Buy towers only when you need to, be economical. The more cash you have in hand the better you defense will be. Its best to have a complex tower placement design that slows the enemy  down and provides a proper defense at the same time.

2) Upgrade instead of buying:

Its almost always better to upgrade instead of buying a new tower.

3) Pause the game and set your towers:

You can pause the game and place your towers. This gives you time to re-evaluate your plan and spend only when you need to. Also while pausing you can sell the towers you just placed at no loss, as in towers which are placed are only permanent once you unpause the game.

4) Play endless mode to get more coins:

Endless mode will give you a boat load of coins. Its not too difficult to pass 1000+ rounds even in heroic mode with a nice design. This will give you enough coins to buy new towers. I strongly recommend getting the power tower early on. Getting enough money this way to buy new towers and items will make the proceeding levels easier.

5) Use your weapons wisely:

Each level requires different set of weapons. The glue tower, power tower, gatling tower, nuke tower and rail gun tower are usually my staple. Use your combination to fit the purpose and level environment.

6) Some items are better than others:

I personally find the spanish flu to be the best item out there. Use items appropriately ie. if you wan't to destroy a single enemy use a smart mine instead of spanish flu. If you are using deep freeze remember to use it early on and not at the end. I don't like the rewind item, used it only during the earlier stages. You are allowed 15 items of 3 choices, use them well.

7)  Designs change, don't fixate with one:

Designs evolve especially if you are playing the endless mode. Don't fixate with a particular design and let it evolve and take its natural course. You will usually end up with  glue towers and high end towers like the rail gun tower and nuke tower at the end.

8) Use your Airstrike at the very end:

Use your airstrike only at the very end when the enemy / enemies are about to get away. You will be surprised how often your weapons can take them down.

9) Youtube to the rescue:

When in doubt or if you are stuck in a particular map use youtube to guide you. There are hundreds of videos out there with step by step tutorials to get you through. Use this as a last resort though. The fun is in the challenge.
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