Apps Gone Free : The App Store's Fifth Anniversary Edition

Some of the best premium paid apps and games have gone free in the celebration of Apples App Store's Fifth Anniversary. The complete list is as follows. Don't forget to download both the iPhone and iPad version where available. Hurry, it's a limited time offer.

The App Store's Fifth Anniversary. Games :

1) Angry Birds Stars:

Your favourite game now with lightsabers and princess to save. Download the iPhone version here and the iPad version here.

2) Tiny Wings:

Easily my favourite endless game where you have to complete challenges. Download the iPhone version here and the iPad version here. Get the cheats and strategy guide here.

3) Peggle:

Peggle is my favourite Popcap game and in my opinion the most addictive. Download the iPhone version here and the iPad version here.

4) Dead Space:

This gem of an app is a horror shooter from EA. And entirely new story from the console version, the game is a must download. Download the iPhone version here and the iPad version here.

5) Mirrors Edge:

Yet another EA game where you parkor through platforms. A bit old but still loads of fun. Download the iPhone version here and the iPad version here.

6) Flight Control : 

Three in a row for EA. This draw to land the plane game will genuinely capture your focus with its simple yet brilliant controls. Download this class for iPhone here and iPad here.

7) Where's My Water:

A fun puzzler from Disney where you have to dig router for the water to reach its path. Download the universal app here.

8) Badland:

A bit surprised to see this one here. This new inde game is an atmospheric platformer with amazing sound and graphics. Download the universal app here.

9) Chopper:

This classic game lets you complete missions with a fun accelerometer control. Unfortunately the game is not iPhone 5 optimised. Download it here.

10) Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery:

This beautiful game was the reason many invested in an iPad. It has rightfully won many awards and regarded as one of the best game of its genre I highly recommend you try it, download it here.

11) Infinity Blade II:

I personally don't like this game hence it is last on this list. It has good graphics but gameplay and strory are disappointing. If you like insipid slasher games get this here.

The App Store's Fifth Anniversary. Apps :

1) Traktor:

This app is usually $19.99. The most expensive app on this list ! It's free and is genuinely good. Insta-download the iPad version here and iPhone version here. The iPad version is significantly better.

2) How To Cook Everything:

Based from the popular book by the same name, this essential app is informative. Download it for you will eventually need it here.

3) Day One:

Those who like journaling will love this app. Its clean, easy and feature rich. There is a reason it was App of the year 2012. Download it here.

4) Barefoot World Atlas:

As the name suggests the interactive 3D globe is immersive and informative, especially for children. Get it here.

5) Over:

Its a fun photography app where you can add gorgeous text to photos. Its universal and works great. Download it here.

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