Flappy Bird Cheats And Tricks : Top Score Guide

Flappy bird is a free and devilishly addictive game taking the world by storm. It's got the whole word raging from its deceptively simple looks, yet tough as nails gameplay. Reddit user vonmon2 figured out the one and only cheat or trick you would ever need :

"The trick I figured out is to pretend the bird is bouncing off of the bottom pipes. Whenever he's about to fall, I mouth "boing" as if he's bouncing and tap at the same time. Got 32 that way."

That's it. I increased my score from 11 to 41 with that simple trick. So here it is de-constructed:

1) Don't tap the screen when the bird is around the upper pipe.

2) Tap the screen when the bird drives, so that it looks like its bouncing from the lower pipe.

3) Mouth or say the word "boing" for added bonus.

Happy Gaming. You can download Flappy bird for Android and iOS.

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