is a site about tech. hints, tips and tricks with a personal overtone from the author. This blog was started on 10th Feb , 2009.

About the author:

The author is an 22 year old male who was last seen in Chennai Tamilnadu , India . He is known to spend obscenely long hours on his computer and is said to go by the name Sanjay [citation needed] . As per our source this site was said to be created purely out of boredom and love for all things technology.


What platform does your blog / website run on ?
I run a customized minima template ( designed by yours truly) on Blogger.com with a custom domain and google apps . I use blogger mainly because I am used to its interface and free hosting . Google FTW !!!

Can I publish (copy-paste) your articles on my site ?
Nope , but you can use my content to some extent if you take proper permissions and provide me with proper credit aka. a backlink  But you may not use any of the content here for commercial purposes.

How can I follow / subscribe /contact / keep in touch with your blog ?
You may subscribe to our site via RSS feeds or Email updates etc.
Follow me on Twitter & their are various ways you can connect with me (coming soon!) .
Fill up this form to Contact me .

How can I help this blog ?
Link to use if you have a site . Publicize : Go tell your friends , family , pets etc. on how awesome this site is , and feel free to advertise as much as you want on this site , just remember to be generous .

I have some cool Ideas for this site . How do I share it ?
Your ideas , feedback , email forwards and spam mean a lot to us . Contact us using the contact form.

Why "stumblepod" ? Does it have some deep cryptic meaning ?
Some crazy people already registered stumbleupon.com , Yahoo.com and even Yawho.com . So I was too sleepy to come up with something anything else . 'Does it have some meaning ?', - I wish !

That's all the questions I can come up with , feel free to contact me for anything.

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